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15 October 2017

Who Has The Most Available Commercial Space Downtown Calgary?

According to the Conference Board of Canada, downtown Calgary currently has a vacancy rate of 27%. Here are data visualizations from our 3D real estate search app that show all available office and retail space from six of the largest property managers in the city. These visualization show only the buildings in their portfolios that have available space.

Use our search app to compare and analyze property managers and REIT's across Canada's largest cities. Live data is provided from Altus Data Solutions.

Find our latest 3D real estate search app here or click any of the links below to explore these portfolio availabilities.

Brookfield Properties


Oxford Properties

GWL Realty Advisors

17 September 2017

FDNY Companies & Risk Mapping in 3D

Areas served by NYFD companies across Midtown Manhattan
We can visualize buildings served by their FDNY company in New York with our 3D visualization app for NYC Open Data. The graphic above shows the FDNY coverage across buildings in midtown. This data comes from the NYC PLUTO data set compiled by the City of New York Department of Finance.

Perimeter dangers from a fire at Rockefeller Center
Risk mapping in dense urban areas is best understood in 3D. Here's a look at an example emergency situation at Rockefeller Center with the risk that buildings are exposed to visualized within 100, 500 and 1000 meters. These applications of geospatial heat mapping can be applied to fire, crime or natural disasters such as flooding. The graphic below shows the floor-level interpretation of the same example emergency.

Floor-level emergency data at 30 Rock

24 August 2017

Cube Cities Hotels: Matterport + Expedia = Exposed

Four Seasons Hotel, 52nd Floor Penthouse Suite 
Isn't this the way hotel rooms in dense cities should be searched for and booked? Cube Cities can visualize available rooms from Expedia, position them in 3D and link the room to Matterport virtual tours so its easy to know exactly where in a hotel your room is booked. Now you'll know before you arrive that your view will be the brick wall of the neighbouring property. Watch the video to see a profile of the penthouse suite in the Four Seasons Hotel on 57th Street.

21 August 2017

Trump Tower's Missing Floors

Trump Tower Floor Use
Fifth Avenue's 58-story Trump Tower is made up of 5 retail floors, 14 office floors and 39 floors of residential units. The top three floors of the building are combined into a single penthouse suite, historically occupied by the Trump family. These penthouse floors are numbered 66, 67 and 68, however, because the building directory skips floors 6-13. The developer (Donald J. Trump) claimed the high ceilings of the public atrium justified higher floor numbering of the residential floors. And so, the residential floors are numbered 30 and above. The city’s Buildings Department allows this practice as long as the floors are counted accurately in the building’s certificate of occupancy.

According to New York City's Department of Finance, Trump Tower was completed in 1983, has a building area of 626,000 sqft and is tax assessed at $181.7M. Trump Tower is owned by GMAC COMMERCIAL MORTG.

The graphic below illustrates the tower amongst notable skyscrapers in Manhattan's Plaza District. This is a screenshot taken from our NYC OpenData 3D visualization app which reveals property data for every building in New York City.

Trump Tower in the Midtown Skyline

13 August 2017

Explore NYC OpenData in Cube Cities with the iPad Pro

888 Seventh Avenue in Cube Cities with NYC PLUTO data (click to expand)

The City of New York maintains the largest and most accessible open building data in the world. Cube Cities uses this data to power a new application that allows users to visualize NYC PLUTO data in 3D with the iPad Pro. PLUTO contains tax lot level data from the NYC Department of Finance, providing details on land use, property ownership, assessed values, tax forms and much more, all by leveraging the ecosystem of building information provided for free from New York government departments. Plus, with our floor-level technology the application can show office and residential vacancies, rental rates or any other client-provided data set.

Sign up here to learn more about this unique mobile application for NYC buildings.

599 Lexington in Cube Cities with NYC PLUTO data
Midtown Manhattan 3D buildings joined with PLUTO indicated with red

9 August 2017

3D Apartment Availability at The Eugene in Manhattan West

Here's a look at the interior locations of the remaining 11 apartments for rent at Brookfield's residential project in Manhattan West called The Eugene. This 62 floor residential tower was completed earlier this spring and contains 844 apartments. The Eugene is part of the 6 building,
7 million square foot Manhattan West development by Brookfield Properties. Live demo link.

Watch the iPad-recorded demo below. Contact us to see the live demo and explore availability in other residential buildings in New York.

3 August 2017

Who's moving to Hudson Yards?

Tenant Mapping in 10 Hudson Yards
Here's a 3D map of the new tenants who have moved into 10 Hudson Yards. The massive mixed-use development over the West Side Rail Yard by Related Companies and Oxford Properties includes two large office towers, the 52-story 10 Hudson Yards, completed in 2016 and the 68-story 30 Hudson Yards scheduled for completion in 2019.

The graphics above and below are easily created tenant maps from our Cube Coverage application that allows users to change the color of a building or floor, and now works for any city in the world.

10 and 30 Hudson Yards

1 August 2017

Visualizing Downtown Calgary Office Availability From Altus Data Solutions & Cube Cities

We'll soon be releasing a new version of our 3D office search app for our data partner Altus Group. Here's a look at all the available direct and sublease office space in central Calgary, as of August 1st 2017. These visualizations will soon be available for all the major office markets in Canada.

30 July 2017

Floor Fires & Fireworks: Cesium's New Particle System

Fire effects from the Cesium particle system
We're now able to add fire, smoke and fireworks effects to our apps with the latest version of CesiumJS. The mapping software now includes a robust particle system that provides developers with these highly customizable new particle visualizations. This will be an effective mechanism to communicate building emergencies, industrial air pollution and floor level information systems for first responders.

Follow these links to learn more about the fireworks and fire effects now available in Cesium 1.35.

Cesium firework effects above the Empire State Building
Video below of the new fireworks effects.

19 June 2017

Markup Buildings with the Cube Coverage App

We've built a simple website for users to quickly highlight floors or buildings with our new Coverage App. This is an easy way to create imagery for real estate presentations that can quickly communicate building, tenant or market information. The app works in any of the 50 cities around the world that have been enabled in the Cube Cities system and can be expanded to any urban areas on request.

Watch the video below to see how it works:

Login to the app here. Contact us to setup a demo user account.